Unbeatable Performance At Your Fingertips

Deal sourcing

We help investors and asset portfolio managers quickly source small to mid size renewable energy opportunities (0,5MW to 30MW) while giving developers access to more options to (re)finance their projects.

Match Making

Our proprietary match making technology connects investors with project developers based on predefined criteria saving each party precious time searching for the ideal project or the right financial partner.

Asset Financing

We provide institutional investors with unprecedented access to diversified renewable energy assets offering predictable returns. By standardizing the due diligence data sets we allow users to easily benchmark the performance and financial metrics of each project.

Asset Trading

SSA Infra is a dedicated clean energy asset marketplace where investors can buy and sell equity or debt in renewable energy projects assessed at their fair value.

Digital Due Diligence

The platform’s virtual data room is the backbone to seamless due diligence allowing users to store and access all project related documents online. It eliminates the need for large amounts of physical information to change hands for project assessments and deals. The virtual data room also lets users determine who is allowed to see what and provides detailed tracking services.

Asset Monitoring

Integrated dashboard views provide in-depth parameters concerning energy generation, asset efficiency, system health checks and performance of individual components. Historical data viewing lets you observe performance over time and usage habits while customizable notifications alert you in real time to what needs attention.